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Rick Pyles

Executive Director

My name is Rick Pyles and I am both Honored and Excited to be the new Executive Director of the
Columbus Crusaders. I first came to the Crusaders in 2001. My son, Jered, played quarterback for
the Middle School and High School Crusaders from his 7 th grade year through his 11 th grade year of
High School. During this time I helped “Uncle” Dave Cookston with the equipment. On May 31,
2006, the last day of his junior year of high school, Jered, went to be with Jesus through a tragic
drowning accident. Even though Jered was gone, I finished our Crusader career during his Senior
year of school by going to every game and assisting Dave however he needed. (It actually was
therapeutic for me)
Time started to get away from me and I left the Crusader ministry for a few years. I have been
married to my lovely wife Kerry for almost 44 years now. We have 3 beautiful daughters and 9
Ornery grand kids!! My life evolved around my family and my career.
Then in 2021 my granddaughter, Hayden Salmon, became a member of the first Crusader softball
team. It was during this time that I realized how much I missed being associated with the Crusaders,
especially people like Mike Cheeseman and Mike Stanley. These men mean more to me than I can
ever express in words!
A couple years ago I retired from my full time job and was working part time for my wife. (She owns
a Travel Agency) I thought my life would stay this way forever, but then I received a phone call that
changed things.
When this opportunity was presented to me, I was excited and scared as well. I know I cannot
replace the ones before me. I just want to “Honor Jesus” and do the best I can to help grow the
ministry of the Columbus Crusaders.
I am looking forward to meeting each of you and working with you in growing this very special
Rick Pyles

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